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My questions is which country has the largest production of Oil Palm Fruit and Processed Palm Oil in the world with the center spot of Indonesia vs Malaysia. I am from Indonesia and my government really take it seriously to be the largest producer of Palm Oil in the world. We, Indonesian, has cut down so many forest to boost up our production but in the fact, media says that Malaysia produce more with smaller land size dedicated for palm oil. Some says that Indonesia actually only produce high amount of oil palm fruit but cannot processed them in bulk and end up not much production of processed palm oil.

So, we will start with who is the largest producer of Oil Palm Fruit in the world. 

Average of production from 1992-2011

We can see that Malaysia win over the average production from 1992-2011. That’s what I know from the media. But in recent years, our government take it seriously and boosting up our production, so let’s see the annual graphic.


From the graphic above, we can see that the production of Indonesia overcome the production of Malaysia in 2009 forward. Unfortunately. there is other graph shown that interest me so much.

Indonesia is not in the top 5 of oil palm fruit highest yield. It answers my question why Indonesia with higher land use for oil palm plantations compared to Malaysia have lower production of oil palm fruit. Indonesia needs to improve the agriculture technique so that increase the production of oil palm fruit per hectare of land.

How about the production of processed palm oil?

Average production of Palm Oil from 1992-2011

From the chart above, we can see that again Malaysia wins over Indonesia in average production from 1992-2011.

Let’s see the annual graph.
From the graph, we can see that our production of palm oil has surpassed Malaysia in 2005 and then lower down in 2008 and raised again afterwards. This graph answer my question that actually Indonesia has the capability to processed the oil palm fruit to become palm oil much better than I expect. It can be seen in 2005, even though our oil palm fruit production was lower than Malaysia, we produce more palm oil than Malaysia. 


Note: The data was obtained from FAOSTAT Website.


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