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Let me tell you a story about a traveller who met an adventurer.

She was a traveller with a free mind and free soul. She loved to go wherever she wanted to. She has been travelling around the globe while collecting wisdom from all over the world. When she comes back to her homeland, she met an adventurer.

He is an adventurer, more mature, wiser and stronger than her. He has explored whole islands from west to east, from little to large, from the tamest to the wildest. Both of them share same homeland which destined them to meet each other.

With the same spirit in hand, they share each other idea, each other common beliefs, and each other likes. Everywhere they go they talk to each other like there is no one else beside them except wind, water and the land. The traveller tell him the story of how wise other people in other part of the world while the adventurer tell her the story of how beautiful the islands that he has visited. Looking from afar, we could know that they were meant for each other. They enjoy each other company and not willing to let the other go when the day goes off.

One day, they exchange a story about far away island. The island is green in colour. The breezes are full of tiny droplet of water. They only have very little animal and crops. There, we boil our meat in very small flame so that we can get the gravy again and again to eat with our home-grown tuber. There was born a legendary adventurer who inspire whole world to study more about time and living things. For them, that island was like second-home. Each of them wants to go there again to visit each of their old man and woman. The island is like the second home land for both.

The other day, they share a story about their ancestor. The traveller was come from a kingdom with very little room to move. She comes with good diplomacy and sly pretence to make her out of the castle. On the other hand, the traveller is a free man. His mother was the escapee from the kingdom who marries a guy from another town. Thus, the adventurer is a man of no kingdom. He has a small lodge somewhere in nearby forest to put all of his collection, living or ornamental. He asks the traveller to come with him someday to see his prideful lodge and the traveller willingly accept the invitation, someday.

Someday, there is a festival in the town where they want to go together with some other town folks. Before they are heading there, the adventurer holds the traveller hands and asks her to step aside around the corner of the silk store. He asks her about the owner of the notes that he pick up from the roads several days ago and then being snatch by her before he can read what’s inside carefully. She answers that the note is hers. Then, smile comes to adventurer faces. He then asks the traveller to come with him tomorrow to his father’s house.

Next day, both are going to his father’s house and it is a long journey east. He says that he likes the traveller and wants her to stay with him in his lodge and travel to their second home land together. She is really shocked and she tells him her grieve of past love. She is a traveller while her past love is a goldsmith. He wanted her to stay by his side take care of the children, cook for him and watering his garden while sometimes promoting new jewelleries he made. Her mother likes him so much since he always surrounded by precious metal. She says her precious is not gold, not silver, not even a diamond. Her precious are her freedom, her journey, her experiences. The adventurer only smiles and she realizes it’s no longer a problem since they have common precious things.
In his parent’s house, he proposes to the traveller and she receives it. They are married as soon as the ceremonial agenda has finished. She is very happy and hugs her newly wed husband. At that time she realizes that once you met someone that is very precious to you, the freedom was no longer important, the journey was no longer relevant and the experiences will become redundant. By seeing his leather jacket and feeling his pants around her ankles are all she needs.

Unfortunately, she is waking up. It’s all just a sweet dream in her head. There is no festival; she has only her duty to work at the library to save for her next journey. While she is taking her break, there is a scene that broke her heart. She does not know when she has the attachment to that guy who used to talk a lot with her. She sees his adventurer with other girl visiting the drinking booth just across the library. The girl is posh, beautiful and neatly dressed. Looks like she is coming from a wealthy family, a king’s relative. She cannot endure it and go to both of them, in confusion. She greets her friend and introduces herself to the king’s relative. She is asking about their relationship in a diplomatic way like what she always does. She hides his misery by saying that she is now seeing a librarian who works in the same place with her. She then says goodbye to both of her friend and his lover.

At that time, she really realizes that maybe it is not because she wants the freedom when she decided to leave the goldsmith. It is because she didn’t love him enough to sacrifice her only love to freedom. The goldsmith has made her choose between love and freedom while adventurer can give both of them. But once again, maybe we can’t get both at a time. We can only hold one in our little arms. She then say goodbye to adventurer. She is hoping that if she lucky, maybe they both can meet again in their second home land or maybe they won’t meet since he has found the love that makes him sacrifice everything he used to love.


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